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Deimos - TVAC1

The Intlvac Deimos TVAC1 is used to confirm operation under space vacuum conditions. Intlvac Thin Film produces a line of test systems suitable for instrumentation, optics and micro-satellites. Our systems will allow you to simulate the black body surface temperatures down to 150 Kelvin while simulating the deep space environment. Test items may be instrumented and operational while being held in a temperature range of -120⁰C to +120⁰ C.

The system is controlled by Intlvac’s Autosys PLC controller. The controls would be housed in a separate controls rack. The controller handles automatic pump down, venting, temperature control, power failure recovery, and interlocks for safe operation. User interface is through a LabView computer workstation with a 19” digital flat screen monitor. All parameters are logged and can be viewed in the built-in graphical log viewer or offline in a spreadsheet program.

Intlvac Space Simulation Applications

Deep Space Test

Thermal Shock

Temperature Ramping

Propulsion Testing

Electron Flooding

Component Degassing

Space Agriculture

Space Agriculture